Capsules Hemp Oil Pills Total: 300mg CBD





Each CBD capsule contains 10mg of CBD (Cannabidiol), from organic certified hemp cultivars free from pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. The oil also includes the plant waxes, as well as co-factors and co-nutrients.

If you value the pure plant power of unfiltered hemp, but prefer to take it in an easy to swallow form, then our CBD capsules are for you. That way you get to benefit from hemps complex structure and unique combination of over 400 molecules without the hempy after taste. Endocas proprietary formula contains crucial cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals and plant waxes that are often missing from our diets. Youll get this and more in one simple capsule.


These are the basic pillars of good health and without them our well being can be compromised. Active compounds in the hemp plant such as cannabinoids, terpenes, plant waxes and micronutrients work in synergy with our own biochemistry to bring about a sense of holism.

CBD Oil Buy The Worlds Best From Endoca Organic, GMO & Pesticide Free ISO Certified


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